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Designed & Handcrafted in Istanbu
lPremium Leather Footwear for Army Boys & Army Girls
Idol: Willem Dafoe / Elias - Platoon

Handcrafted Army Boots
​60 years of masteryThe inner and outer surfaces, soles and heels are leather only
Guaranteeing quality, durability and user health
Designs, colors, lasts, dyes and details are exclusively KillYourIdols™

Uniquely Created in Istanbul

Elias Boots

  • 666 Series - The Army Boots

    Created by the Turkish designer Sedat Yazici,

    The "Army Boots'' from KillYourIdols is a uniqueness and timeless piece.

    Handcrafted in Turkey with an exceptionnal leather,

    the boots are strong and masculine.

  • Materials

    100% Leather

    Outer Surface: 100% Cow Leather

    Inner Surface & Insole: 100% Goat/Kid Leather

    Sole & Heel: 100% Stout Leather

  • Cleaning Instructions

    Specialist Only.