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Office: Bebek-Arnavutköy Caddesi

No: 93/B 34345 Istanbul

Work: +90 532 251 98 43

Open: Monday - Saturday

12.00 - 20.00

Privacy Policy

KillYourIdols will not disclose the personal information that are submitted to them by the Members through electronic environment over the Site to the third parties except for the purpose and the scope determined by the Membership Agreement, Remote Sales Agreements and User Agreement that are concluded with the Members. In order for the determination of the problems with regard to the system and for urgently overcoming the problems that can occur on the Site, KillYourIdols, when necessary, determines the IP addresses of the users and uses them. The IP addresses can be used for the purpose of identifying the users in general and to gathering comprehensible demographic information. The users should submit a set of personal information (name-surname, company information, telephone, address or e-mail address information) related to themselves to KillYourIdols by means of completing various forms and voting on the Site or Membership. KillYourIdols can use the requested information, except for the purpose and scope determined by the Membership Agreement, Remote Sales Agreements and User Agreement, for the purpose of directly doing marketing by KillYourIdols or by the people being in cooperation. The member information can be used to make contact with the user when necessary. The information that are requested by KillYourIdols or the information provided by the users or the information with regard to the transactions that are made over the Site, can be used on various statistical evaluations, on building a database and on the market surveys without disclosing the identification of the user by KillYourIdols or by the people being in cooperation except for the purpose and scope determined by the Membership Agreement, Remote Sales Agreements and User Agreement. KillYourIdols can give a link to other sites within the Site. KillYourIdols does not bear any responsibility for the privacy applications and contents of the sites that are accessed through the link. The Member Information includes information such as name-surname, company information, address, telephone number, e-mail address and all kinds of information intended for identifying the Member. KillYourIdols will not disclose any of the Member Information to the third parties and companies which are not in cooperation with KillYourIdols unless otherwise specified on this Privacy Policy. On the below mentioned limited circumstances, KillYourIdols can disclose the information belonging to the Members to the third parties out of the provisions of this Privacy Policy. These are; As per the Law, Decree Having the Force of Law, Regulation and legal rules that are made by other judiciary authorities and that are in force; As per the provisions of Membership Agreements, Remote Sales Agreement, User Agreements and other agreements that are concluded between KillYourIdols and the Members; The situations that are requested by the competent administrative and judicial authorities and; The other situations for which it is necessary to give information in order for the protection of rights and securities of the members. KillYourIdols undertakes to certainly keep the confidential information secret and private, to assume this as a secrecy liability and to take all the necessary measures and pay necessary attention in order to enable and maintain privacy and to prevent the whole or any part of the confidential information from disclosure to the third parties or from unauthorized use or from entrance to the public domain. KillYourIdols can obtain the information about the Members and Site usage of the Members by using a technical communication file (cookie). The mentioned technical communication files are the small text files that an internet user sent to its browser to be kept in the primary storage. A technical communication file eases the internet use by providing the state and preferences about an internet site. The technical communication file helps obtain the statistical information about how many people used the site, how many times and for which purpose an individual visited the site and how much time they spent on the site and helps produce content and advertisement dynamically from the user pages that are specifically designed for the users. The technical communication file is not designed to obtain data from the primary storage or member mail or any other personal information. Google, during the direction of the Google advertisements to the site, can place cookies to the browser of the Members or can the existing cookies on these or can use web signals in order to gather information. The information that are requested from the Members answering the periodic questionnaires arranged by KillYourIdols within the site are used by KillYourIdols and by the people being in cooperation for the purpose of directly doing marketing to these users, carrying out statistical analysis and creating database. KillYourIdols can change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time by means of publishing it on the Site. The Privacy Policy provisions on which KillYourIdols make amendments comes into force on the date it is published on the Site.

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